We are builders backing builders.



Hear from empowered Founders
The team takes their experiences in building and educating communities to support all projects they work with the real "feel" of what is happening in the market and what are the needs of the users. This is one of the most practical teams in always finding something that is efficient and effective to support teams on their strategies in going to market
Their guidance and assistance have been vital in shaping Summoners Arena today and propelling us forward. Since the beginning, despite his busy schedule, Thanh has always made time to answer all of our questions and provide valuable insights. He is more than a mentor but a role model for his kindness, selflessness, and dedication.
The invaluable support extended by Arche Fund has been instrumental for us. Unlike many investors, they have truly partnered with our project team, standing by us through market fluctuations. Navigating the complexities of Web3 development is challenging, and Arche Fund has served as an exceptional mentor, guiding us through market opportunities, product strategies, community feedback, and beyond.
Not only does the team have invaluable experience which helped nurture our growth, but also have an incredible network, in both traditional companies within Vietnam and the web3 space as a whole, which they helped us leverage to strengthen the GuildFi platform.



What is Kompass?
Kompass, an accelerator program powered by Ninety Eight, is tailored specifically for Web3 startups. The program's core mission is to ensure the long-term success of these startups by providing them with expert guidance, insights from accomplished builders, and access to Ninety Eight's extensive network of elite VCs and Founders.
What will I get with this program?
An investment of $125,000;

A bespoke accelerator journey;

One-on-one mentorship from seasoned professionals with hands-on experience in top industry projects.

Entry into an extensive network of global partners and investors within the Web3 domain;

Inclusion in a community of fellow founders who, like you, are on a mission to make a significant impact.
Who is the ideal candidate for this program?
Builders who are actively engaged in or have a keen interest in developing Web3 products.

Startups that are in the early phase of growth, ideally at the pre-seed or seed funding stage.
What makes Kompass different from other programs?
Ethos of "builders backing builders": With our roots in developing successful Web3 products from the ground up, we intimately understand the hurdles and aspirations unique to this journey.

Founder-Friendly Terms: $125K early investment (uncapped, MFN) and 5% advisory fee.

No fixed cohorts: We operate with flexible entry points—applications are evaluated continuously, and the program is customized to each founding team's needs.

Low touch, High impact: There's no formal classroom time; instead, We want founders to focus their time on the most important thing: Building. Leveraging our direct Web3 experience, we offer strategic advice to guide critical decision-making.
Is the program remote?
Yes. The program is fully remote.
What does the application process look like?
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, please fill out our online application form. Successful candidates will be invited for a conference call with the Kompass team for further discussion.
I want to raise more than $125K. Can I still apply?
Certainly. Every project accepted into Kompass receives a standard initial investment of $125,000. As part of Ninety Eight, we're committed to supporting ventures that fulfill our selection criteria.

Please submit your application and, upon acceptance, inform us so we can begin the due diligence process with Arche Fund, the investment arm of Ninety Eight for potential further investment.